Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Her heart was so sad and the pain became overwhelming to me, I wanted nothing more than to ease it, to take it from her, to love her, to show her the beauty that life has to offer if she would only let go and be brave enough to stand alone, brave enough to flaunt her true colors, brave enough to tell all those she loved the truth, I wanted to do this for her, I wanted to scream and shout and set such boundaries and grounding a foot, to lay an indestructible foundation for her to build on, but lessons like these are reserved for the bearer and all I could do was stand by and be her friend, be the observer and watch helplessly because I was too afraid to reveal my true emotions, because at the time I needed more friends like her in my life and history has proved that once we cross those lines things will never be same. So my fear led me to admire her from a distance and secretly worship the air in which she breathed, the beauty she possessed just by existing, the creativity and flow that was emitted from her pores just by being her true self; a freedom in which she only revealed to me. ~Will "Story" Rivera

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