Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fight for me - not because I deserve it but because I need to see that you will walk through the flames and your choices will not be swayed by my mistakes, I need to know that the first sign of turbulence won't make you change course and that you have just as much courage and loyalty as I carry within my own heart, fight for me, not because I need you to prove some form of egocentric heroism, but rather that you view our relationship as something where endings are just not even an option and when push comes to shove you won't jump ship and abandon, I need to know I can be vulnerable without judgment, I need to be able to reveal weakness without being dominated, I want to count on you even when I cannot count on my own self, fight for me, fight for me because you believe with out me life will cease to exist and in your mind I am the air in which you breathe and the bond between us is something that is built on unconditional, fight for me, when I push you away and my pride and ego speaks of words I will regret and my actions reflect a soul so independent that I couldn't possibly need you...but I do, so fight for me - forget all things I put you through in the past all the immature and impatient gestures, forget about where my pain and bitterness had lead me too, forgive my impatient self I did not know better, the suffering and sadness just forget the fact the I ever even hurt you in the place, I am not the same soul I was yesterday and I have grown and in that growth I never forgot you, I never lost hope, I never doubted you would be the my beginning and my end, fight for me like this is the last battle on earth and you keeping me will save every single last soul, fight for me because what we are is everything you ever dreamed of, fight for me because it is only I who truly accepts you without any conditions, because I am your living diary and when it comes to us there just are not any boundaries we cannot conquer together, because I know deep down I am the answer to your prayers as much as you are the answer to my own, even if it means causing an eruption of change and doing something that is simply just "crazy", I need you to want this as bad I do, I need you to jump without looking even tho the path cannot be seen; an indestructible faith, a pure reflection, an endless flame, a love that could make the whole world jealous, I ask this of you. Fight for me, because I just won't give up on us.  ~Will "Story" Rivera

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Her heart was so sad and the pain became overwhelming to me, I wanted nothing more than to ease it, to take it from her, to love her, to show her the beauty that life has to offer if she would only let go and be brave enough to stand alone, brave enough to flaunt her true colors, brave enough to tell all those she loved the truth, I wanted to do this for her, I wanted to scream and shout and set such boundaries and grounding a foot, to lay an indestructible foundation for her to build on, but lessons like these are reserved for the bearer and all I could do was stand by and be her friend, be the observer and watch helplessly because I was too afraid to reveal my true emotions, because at the time I needed more friends like her in my life and history has proved that once we cross those lines things will never be same. So my fear led me to admire her from a distance and secretly worship the air in which she breathed, the beauty she possessed just by existing, the creativity and flow that was emitted from her pores just by being her true self; a freedom in which she only revealed to me. ~Will "Story" Rivera

Monday, October 7, 2013

You Are Beautiful 
(Written - April 4, 2011 at 8:44am)

Sometimes we wonder if our lives are really where it is supposed to be. There are so many things in this world that are left un-explained, so many experiences left un-shared, so much life in us left to be lived. There are so many words that I need to say, how can my words reach you when you are shadowed with darkness, how do I find your soul and show you that is so much more life and love that you need to share with this world.

If I could I would tell you...Don't settle, don't accept that this is it, don't ever believe that these things are happening as punishment, don't ever think that this is as good as it gets and that your life will change naturally in it's own course and in it's own time.

If I could say anything...anything that will get through to you, I would tell you ....YOU are beautiful, genuinely and thoroughly beautiful, you are a perfect painting of love and light and laughter. If only you could see half of what I see in you, then you too would be convinced of what a rare soul you are.

You are are courageous, so much more stronger than I, so much more stronger than you believe to be. Your strength is limitless. The struggles you have overcome and emotional battles won, are proof of your strength, proof of how far your love goes, proof of your courageousness.

I would tell you I LOVE YOU, I love you unconditionally, I love you like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by loving you.

I would tell you, you are special, so special and unique that your presence in this world is precious and sacred. So special that others are scared to be around you because they too know of your amazing qualities and are so threatened by you and your capabilities, that they do nothing but put you down because to see you fly would mean to accept that all things are truly possible.

I would tell you there is faith, I promise, I truly promise if you hold faith and let go of your fears I will hold your hand and never let go and we will both trust in faith and live and learn and laugh and grow.

I would tell you there is so much more to this life, than what you are experiencing right now. So much more to be lived if you would only let go and let life take over.

I would look so deeply into your eyes, and smile, in my eyes and in my smile you will feel the genuine warmth and love that I feel for you, there would be no question, no doubt, that I truly love and believe in you, there is nothing in this world that can rob you of your inner light, if I could give my life just so that you could truly understand just how special you are..... I would.....

You are amazing beyond words, just to be around you is an honor, just to have met you is a blessing, I feel thankful to have known you, thankful to have laughed with you, thankful to have cried with you, thankful that the universe allowed me to experience your presence, that is how special you truly are. ...

So many times we sell ourselves short, we make excuses as to why we settle, we don't give ourselves enough credit or encouragement, we have no faith in our own person to change our lives. We fear change, we love being comfortable and stable, so much we rob ourselves from experiencing anything. We refuse to embrace the pain of our reality, and mask over our problems with lies, lies to ourselves, and lies to one another. Being miserable, angry, suffering, and never letting go..... this is what truly defeats our life energy... it is our own lack of faith in ourselves and our capabilities that hold us back and limit our potential. There is nothing we cannot change, no obstacle to big to cross, what we think we will become, to help one another to reach this mindset is our real purpose in life. Today is a new day, it is never ever to late to make some changes. ~Will "Story" Rivera